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2023 Registration is OPEN!

Barrier Island Beach Brawl!

When I was 7 years old, my first saltwater experience was when dad took me out of school with my mom writing a “sick note” to fish Island Beach State Park. I would be in awe of the striped bass, bluefish and weakfish caught in the surf back then. Bait and Tackle shops weren’t a place to just buy tackle, they were a place to immerse into the culture of a saltwater fishing lifestyle. Tournaments back in the days were all about fun, going out and casting a line with the ones you love, the friends you have, and to make new friends in the process. Somewhere along the way we lost that carefree attitude in fishing.

So I started the Barrier Island Beach Brawl. A surf fishing tournament to bring everyone together, no matter your skill level or your fishing knowledge. A place where people can come fish again with their friends and family, and meet someone eye to eye instead of behind a computer screen to make new friends. Everyone walks away with prizes in the BIBB. With incredible sponsors, each year we give away over $18,000 in prizes randomly to anyone who enters. There are cash prizes too for top weigh ins, but the tourney is not driven by “winning” cash. Its all about fishing, and the people you meet. Species categories are vast: bluefish, weakfish, kingfish, false albacore, pompano, triggerfish, bonito, Spanish mackerel, croaker, hickory shad, blackfish, black drum, red drum, sheepshead and a striped bass photo/release only, so there are plenty of chances to win with a variety of species. And all fish not wanted are filleted and donated to the food pantry. Last year we donated over 50 pounds of fresh fish to the hungry! Come join us this year! Usually the tournament falls around Columbus Day the first or second week of October. Read all the rules and sign up now HERE to get on the email list to receive notifications.


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